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FoR YouR saFEty, ENcYCLoPEDIa dRamATIca Asks ThaT You Don'T gO ON TheTopTens. iF yOU do, THERE wILL BE A SEriOUS rISK Of ELEcTrIC SHOck, YOUR CoMpUTer bLOWiNG up, YoUR BAlLS caTChInG FiRe, MEntaL RETArdAtiON, CanCER, AIDs, SuIcide, oR expLosIVE DIarRHeA that WiLl knOcK dOwN thE Twin ToWERs.

The Encyclopædia Dramatica is a satire not funny at all wiki that tries, and fails, to parody Wikipedia. It used to load slowly because of stupid ads for porn and sex toys, but they have thankfully done away with that.

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